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Fastbraces at Highcliffe Dental Care

We are delighted to be able to offer the Fastbraces® teeth straightening treatments at Highcliffe Dental Care.

Our Principal Dentist, Dr Anta Riekstina, is one of the first accredited Dentists in the UK to fit Fastbraces®.

Anta has completed extensive courses for the Fastbraces® treatment. She has the expertise to ensure you get the very best treatment and care as she has been providing all types of dental treatments for the last 18 years.

Her passion to learn and keep on the front foot with dental treatments has taken her all over Europe where she attended extensive courses.


Fastbraces® were developed to straighten teeth differently. Fastbraces® is the revolutionary system of fast, safe, easy and affordable braces that is changing the field of orthodontics. It is a complete, non-extraction system for most cases, which provides patients with outstanding results.

Fastbraces® now comes with a clear option!

Fastbraces® Clear™ ceramic brackets are also available and offer the same technology advantages of moving teeth as the Fastbraces® metal brackets.

Other benefits include:


Fastbraces® Technology gently allows for movement of the roots of the teeth towards their final position from the onset of treatment, achieving root parallelism at the beginning stages, thus completing treatment from 3 months to about a year.


Fastbraces® are safe and effective for children and adults. During your consultation, Anta will discuss your options with you and determine if you are a good candidate for Fastbraces®.

To discuss your treatment options, contact us to book a consultation with Anta on 01425 277770.